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Shoot for the Sand!

Many amateur golfers will shy away from the sand and opt for a shot from the rough around the green. This type of thinking can cause a myriad of problems. The first is that one starts to get negative thoughts and hitting it into the sand becomes the focal point. The second is that if they do hit it into the sand they already have a negative attitude about their ability to get the ball out and onto the green. Lastly, fearing the sand makes your entire golf experience much more troublesome and not as enjoyable.

Change your attitude about going into the sand. Here is a method and a formula for getting out of the sand around the greens more consistently. This formula can be used for uphill, downhill, sidehill and level sand shots. Match your address position to the lines. Draw these lines in the sand so that you can have a visual during practice.

The pictures illustrate that the club path is going between the shoulder line and the target line. To be successful at this you must make sure that your shoulder line and your target line are parallel. Your feet are the variable line. The higher you want to hit the shot, the more open to the target with your lower body and the more your clubface will be open. Make sure that your shoulders get back to parallel with your target line at address.

Swing the club more steeply by hinging t

he wrists early in your takeaway. On the forward swing, make sure that your lower body has cleared and your hands are leading the club into the sand behind the ball. Make sure you are accelerating through the sand. Like 99% of the shots in golf, you want to be balanced and clearly on your left side at your finish.

Formula – Shoulders and target line are parallel and the (lower body )feet are open to the target. Swing the club between the target and shoulder lines.


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