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Chip Like The Pros

This step-by-step method will get you to the next level in chipping and reduce your score.

  1. Stand with a slightly open and very narrow stance
  2. Close shoulders where they are parallel to your target line
  3. Stand close enough to the ball so that the shaft is perpendicular to the ground
  4. The toe of the club is down and the heel is up

This set up produces a shot that comes off the clubface with minimal side spin

  1. Put the ball position somewhere between your feet. Your feet should only be a couple of inches a part
  2. Your hands are placed in front of the ball towards your target.

This position pre-sets your power so that you only rock the shoulders

  1. Keep 80% of your weight on the left side throughout the chip
  2. Take the club away by pushing back with your left hand

This promotes the left hand to be in control throughout the chip

  1. Pull with the left hand so that the club in moving in a descending motion
  2. The hands need to be in front of the club head at the moment of impact
  3. Allo

    w the right arm to extend after impact by pulling with the left side

  4. Keep the face of the club square to the intended target through impact
  5. Apply all techniques above for any club selected to perform the chip shot

RULE OF THUMB – Select a club that will produce a shot where the ball will carry 30% and roll 70%. The goal is to get the ball rolling like a putt as soon as possible.

Questions regarding this shot or any other shot please email me wadewilson@pga.com

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