19.01.2010 Golf Tips Comments Off on Shoot for the Sand!

Shoot for the Sand!

Many amateur golfers will shy away from the sand and opt for a shot from the rough around the green. This type of thinking can cause a myriad of problems. The first is that one starts to get negative thoughts and hitting it into the sand becomes the focal point. The second is that if […]

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17.01.2010 Golf Tips Comments Off on Chip Like The Pros

Chip Like The Pros

This step-by-step method will get you to the next level in chipping and reduce your score. Stand with a slightly open and very narrow stance Close shoulders where they are parallel to your target line Stand close enough to the ball so that the shaft is perpendicular to the ground The toe of the club […]

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16.12.2009 Golf Tips 2 Comments

Become A Better Putter

From the Lesson Tee! Become a better putter in just 2 hours per week. How often do you practice putting? “Right before I play” “For 10 minutes after hitting balls for an hour” “Rarely” Those are the most common answers I hear. I would like for you to try the following drills. I believe you […]

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