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Become A Better Putter

From the Lesson Tee!

Become a better putter in just 2 hours per week. How often do you practice putting?

“Right before I play”

“For 10 minutes after hitting balls for an hour”


Those are the most common answers I hear. I would like for you to try the following drills. I believe you will enjoy the drills and benefit tremendously from the information.

Drill 1 – Around the World

Place 8 balls in a circle, 3 feet from the hole. The area does not have to be flat. Make sure that each ball is similar in distance from the hole.

Rules: Make any and all practice strokes before attempting to put. Start by making a putt, hold your finish and then move in a counter clockwise direction to the next ball. If you miss a putt, do not stop, continue to the next ball and complete the drill. Continue moving through the drill focusing on making a consistent stroke and maintaining a consistent tempo.
Putting Drill 2

Drill 2 – The Line Drill

Place 4 balls in a straight line. Start with a ball placed two feet from the hole and form a straight l

ine separating each ball by two feet. Starting with the ball closest to the hole, make your putt. Move to the second and try to make your put. Move to the third ball and try to make your putt.

Rules: You must make all putts in consecutive order to complete the drill. If you miss a putt you must start over with the ball that was closest to the hole.
Putting Drill 3
Putting Drill 3

  • Make all balls in consecutive order.
  • Get comfortable with short puts by not wasting time and getting tense.
  • See and feel yourself developing a consistent stroke.
  • Make a contest with yourself where you can’t leave the practice green until you complete the drill(s).

I know you will benefit tremendously from these drills if you make the time to practice. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

Wade Wilson, PGA

Director of Instruction


2 Responses to “Become A Better Putter”

  1. Peter Kennedy, M.D. says:

    Thank you. Recovering from injury, so putting balance is bad. But you reminded me of drills we used as kids, when I could putt the eyes off a gnat.

    We get old, we get distracted, and we forget that it takes work, patience and discipline to get better

  2. Nick Ames says:

    Wade: I am in San Francisco but we go to La Jolla/Del Mar every summer. How is rotary golf
    different from the golfing machine (Ben Doyle and Paul Bertholy) at impact and can you teach
    Rotary to seniors whose bodies do not rotate well. I am a 60 year old 10 handicap in good shape trying always to improve. Wishing you well. Regards, Nick.